• Social Media Screens

    Unlike other passive digital signage,
    our unique social networking content encourages your customers to interact with your digital signage

  • WI-FI & NFC Marketing

    WIFI marketing creates a localised version of the internet that only
    contains the website and services you wish to offer. The system can also collect data.

  • Giant Interactive Phones & Tablets

    Produced in HD quality, consumers
    can interact with your app on screens ranging from 32" to 65". Responds exactly like phone including multi-touch pinch, pull, zoom and more.

  • Touchscreen kiosks & windows

    Whether customers simply surf your website, view your product catalogues, or many of the other uses, it's an interactive experience that they won't forget.

  • Virtual Mannequins

    Virtual mannequin systems are an exciting new display technology that redefines the boundaries of how a display can be used.


Blue Apricot is one of the leading companies in the UK and Ireland specialising in bespoke digital marketing solutions, bringing innovative, low cost and new green technology to a wide spectrum of businesses. Our combination of technical and marketing expertise ensures that we understand wireless applications and how to use them as the basis for effective marketing campaigns.

Blue Apricot has gained a reputation for expertise in this field of marketing and has a growing reputation with a no nonsense, honest advice approach. With our own technology, Blue Apricot is able to offer the best digital marketing solutions available.


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Blue Apricot specialise in the services detailed below, and guarantee to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients on time, every time..

Blue Apricot offer all our products from short to long term rental for specific campaigns and also outright purchase including a full managed service. Blue Apricot staff look after your projects from initial client meeting, to full design and development, installation, maintenance and campaign management.

Blue apricot are continually researching and developing new technologies ensuring our clients receive the most reliable and up to date products and services available.



Blue Apricot clients include both national and international blue chip companies and a selection of our clients are detailed below.
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We have worked on projects worldwide and have offices based in UK and Ireland. With the ability to work remotely on projects, contact us to discuss your business needs and how we can help you.

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